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Finding an urn that will reflect and commemorate a loved ones life is an important decision at a difficult time. Although it may seem daunting at first, the process of finding that urn can play a role in the grieving process.  Consider your best memories and search for the urn that you will be able to treasure and have to stimulate those thoughts of your loved one.

Consider these few questions:

Where do want to put the urn?
 Many people choose to have an urn at home with them and there are many urns designed to enhance the home décor as well as maintaining its value to you as a memorial urn.  These urns can be sculptured urns, made of brass, wood, glass, porcelain and various other materials. They can be of a traditional shape, modern or sculptured.  Take into consideration the fragility of any urns that you are looking at and the position they will be placed. There are also urns available that are suitable to be placed outside in your garden.

Would you like to scatter the ashes?
If your choice is to scatter the ashes there are many types of urn available.  Ashes don’t need an urn for scattering if you choose and be aware that the ashes can blow around in the wind.  Scattering urns are a lovely presentation container at a service for your loved one.  After the scattering, some of these are able to hold special mementos and are a tangible memorial to take home with you. Consider the option to retain a portion of ash as a keepsake.

Would you like to bury the urn in earth or water?
There are several choices of urn for water or earth burial.  The water burial biodegradable urns are designed to float in water for a short period of time before sinking. The biodegradable urns are a dignified approach instead of scattering the ashes to the wind. Some biodegradable urns are suitable to be kept at home for a period of time before being returned to nature. Biodegradable urns can be made of many different materials and are quite varied. Not all the ash needs to return to nature, there is the option to retain a portion as a keepsake.

Do you want to share the ashes with others?
If your choice is split the ashes so that all can share in the memento, there are many keepsake urns available that will hold a small portion. The ashes can be split to cater to the desires of the whole family and friends allowing everyone to be able to have an urn of their own.  The urns can be varied and reflect a loved ones spirit.  There are many different types from the traditional brass keepsake, memorial jewellery, sculptured keepsake urns and many more.

What size urn do you need?
The most common size urn for an adult is the large urn range that holds around 200 cubic inches.  A general rule of thumb is that 2.2kg(1lb) requires 1 cubic inch. Therefore if a person weighs 80 kilos at the time of cremation, multiply by 2.2 (conversion from kilos to lbs) to realise that an urn required is a least 176 cubic inches.  It does not matter if the urn is bigger than the amount required.

Which special memories of your loved one would you like to reflect?
In selecting an urn, there is the consideration of what will give most comfort to you.  As a reflection of a lost loved ones life, the urn should be a memorial to your memories of their life. Traditional brass urns are very popular and there is a wide range of other urns that reflect a certain aspect of your lost loved ones personality and life.  Did they love music?  There is memorial music jewellery, memorial music boxes…Did they have a passion for motorbikes?  Motorbike gas tank keepsake urns, bike memorial jewellery…   Did they really love clocks…. writing…guardian angles…. there any many and varied keepsake memorials available that will commemorate a life and bring comfort to you.  

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