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Funeral urns that offer a dignified choice for burial or scattering at sea, lake, earth.

Biodegradable, ecological, green Urns        Biodegradable, green, ecological urns      Scattering Urns

 'Naturally Caring' Range of biodegradable urns are made to present beautifully in a home until the family feels that the time is right to return the urn and cremated remains to nature as a green burial.  Perfect for water burial or earth burial, they are made of varying ecological products including sand, clay etc. They will display at home for a period of time depending on the environmental conditions and will easily degrade when placed at sea, in a lake or buried. Each green burial urn comes securely packed and with a biodegradable bag to hold the cremains.

A biodegradable, natural option that will also hold pride of place at home until the time is right for water or earth burial. A green burial funeral option.

We offer a money back guarantee so as to give you the opportunity to see the product before filling to confirm that it is right choice for you.  We also offer free shipping within Australia. 


Free Shipping within Australia - urns, cremation keepsakes

100% Moneyback Guarantee