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Celebrate their life, mourn their passing and remember their individuality with a unique memorial cremation urn.  Keep the memory close with a variety of keepsakes for ashes.

e-urns.com.au  understands that every family's choices and wishes are different and offers a diverse range of cremation urns that will reflect a loved ones life. Please take your time, in the comfort of your home, to browse our online store and select the memorial cremation keepsake that will offer comfort to you and your family.

There is a range of traditional brass cremation urn for ashes available for selection.  Some prefer to keep the memory close to their heart and chose a memorial jewellery cremation piece. If your loved one had a love of music there is a choice of music box memorials.  Beautiful cremation clocks  hold a small portion of ashes, a lock of hair or other small memento and are a stunning addition to the home. There is a choice of  teddy bear keepsakes that will hold a cremation ash and are easy to hug and hold close.  For infants and adults alike there is a selection of angels and guardian angel cards that are beautiful and uplifting. If your choice is for an ecological green funeral there is a large range of scattering and biodegradable cremation urns . We offer many other cremation urns and keepsakes including pet urns.

Pets are part of the family and many choose to cremate at the time of their passing.  We offer a range of pet urns as well as pet cremation urn jewellery.  Our Pet Urns are brass with paw prints, suitable for dog or cat urns.  Our Pet Urn jewellery is sterling Silver that will hold a small portion of your pet urn ash.

Cremation is a growing trend and we are constantly looking at these trends and finding new cremation urn styles. If you desire a particular funeral urn that is not on this website, contact us and we will gladly endeavour to source that for you.

We are committed to providing the best quality and variety for you and your memories.  

Knowing that it is a delicate decision at a difficult time, we are happy to offer full money back guarantee or exchange and are available to assist with your choice. Please email us and we will contact you to answer any questions.

If you would prefer, we will also work with your chosen funeral director, crematorium etc. We also offer a FREE FILLING! option

We are proud to be Australian owned and offer free shipping within Australia


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